Installing and using Truecrypt

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Pre-Installation Dependencies

apt-get install -y fuse-utils libfuse-dev libfuse2 build-essential zlib1g-dev libaio-dev libattr1-dev libgtk2.0-dev


Download the latest version of truecrypt from:

cd /source
tar xvf truecrypt-*.*-linux-console-x64.tar.gz

Create truecrypt key file

truecrypt --create-keyfile "key_file_name_with_no_quotes"

Create truecrypt volume

truecrypt -c "volume_name_with_no_quotes"

When it prompts for a keyfile. Enter the path to the keyfile you created.

Enter keyfile path [none]: /path/to/red.txt
Enter keyfile path [finish]: 

Mount truecrypt volume

truecrypt -d
truecrypt --mount /mnt/volume.txt /mnt/ext1 -k /mnt/.keys/key.txt